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To do good as much as we can as life is so short.

Miss Najia Khan.


  1. Work against child labor, their rights and free education.
  2. Work for the rights of special people in the society and their employment ratio in all the organizations of Pakistan according to their caliber.
  3. Work for those old people who are living in the old orphanage. Thou they have their children and families but still living life of misery. To give them courage and confidence to face the world.

    How to achieve my vision?

: Implementation on 1st Vision; (rights & education of poor children)

: Implementation on 2nd Vision; (special people)

Type of N.G.O

CSO: Civil Society Organization;
Will focus on project management as humanitarian affairs which mobilize public support and voluntary contributions for aids.

My Message

As ALLAH blessed us a lot so now its time to say thanks to Him by doing good as much as we can so please join me in my mission and let’s make this world a better place to live.

Founder & President
Miss Najia Khan